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Half loaf search engine

📅 Apr '22

A search engine to find half loaves of bread near you. This got viral and was featured on the front page of Hacker News. I was also interviewed by NPR and a CBC Canada Radio show.

Link | Hacker News | NPR interview

Sarcasm keyboard

📅 Feb '22

An iOS shortcut to convert any text into sarcasm text. I read this post on reddit and liked it so much that I impulsively decided to make this.

see it in action

The Beatles coaster NFC tag

📅 Dec '21

I bought a bunch of cheap NFC tags from amazon and pasted them under the beatles coasters to play me a beatles playlist every time I tap on the coasters. Really enjoyed making this.

demo and discussion on /r/shortcuts

App blocker from cops

📅 Dec '21

Police in certain cities were randomly searching young people's phones for certain keywords. I made an iOS automation to stop them from unlawfully checking the phone by showing a fake error alert every time apps like WhatsApp/Photos/Contacts/Telegram etc are opened.

demo and discussion on /r/india

📅 Sep '20

Bought this domain name hack because it was available and cheap. Made a clone of chrome dinosaur game with the PM as the runner. And it went viral!

You can play it here

Read discussion on /r/india

Also featured in: wikipedia, deccan herald, moneycontrol, theweek, scoopwhoop, vice, and others

📅 Sep '20

Another domain name hack I bought. "my stools", get it? I used GPT-3 to generate a bunch of poop log entries and auto posted a new one every day. Domain expired, and I did not want to pay for the renewal at 3x the original cost.

You can still access it here

The Beatles cover of Taher Shah's eye to eye

📅 Jul '20

I made The Beatles sing Taher Shah's eye to eye song using OpenAI's Jukebox. Creating the song was painful but I was very pleased with the final result.

You can watch it on youtube

Sadhguru x Mumbai Mirror sexpert twitter bot

📅 May '20

Trained a GPT-2 bot on Sadhuguru's tweets and advice from Mumbai Mirror's Ask the sexpert column. Was super-fun to play with this until GPT-3 came along..

Twitter handle @SadhGBot


📅 May '20

A chrome extension to calculate the miles you've scrolled. Inspired by this tweet.

Featured on the front page of both Hacker News and Product Hunt.

You can download the extension for chrome here